A Solution For Every Business

It’s time to make your employer sponsored healthcare work. ProMedico makes it more convenient to access care than any other health care solution. From onsite health clinics, to full-service primary care, to 24-7 virtual services – ProMedico has the health services that work for your business.  

How Care Is Delivered

Onsite Clinic

Convenient access to care where employees work – that puts health care in a location that works for you.

Near Site Clinic

Perfect for employers with multiple worksites, flexible for multi-member partnership, or more local care for family members.


Special Events

A focused event with proactive health assessments, vaccine distribution, or a day of wellness for your employees.


Virtual Access

Anytime – anywhere. ProMedico provides comprehensive care for your employees no matter when they need it.

Our COVID Response And Pandemic Support

ProMedico has been supporting businesses navigating the challenges presented by COVID from Day 1:


Applying return-to-work guidelines to exposed and symptomatic employees


Administering Anitgen and Molecular testing and coordinating care


Partnering with Human Resources to manage outbreaks, employee communication and establishing return to work protocols


Working closely with county health departments to receive and administer COVID Vaccines

Our 24/7 contact line ensures that employees are able to find answers to their COVID challenges day or night.

“The clinic has been an amazing addition for our company! The clinic is a great benefit to our employees and we can rest assured that our employees have access to medical care. Additionally, the clinic provides a return on investment for the business as it has helped reduce our medical costs on our self-insured plan. We have also used the clinic to support our COVID-19 protocols to get our employees immediate care and back to work sooner.”

Brooke Karl

Director of Finance & HR, R.A. Miller Industries, Inc.

Health Services

Laboratory and Pharmacy Services

  • Medication management
  • Laboratory services
  • Immunizations
  • Diagnostic testing

Primary Care

  • Sick care & preventive services
  • Routine physicals & wellness visits
  • Work-related injury triage
  • Concierge referral coordination

COVID 19 Management

  • Testing and return to work management
  • Compliance with local, state, federal guidelines
  • Vaccination distribution and compliance

Occupational Health

  • Workplace Injury
  • Physical Exams
  • DOT Physicals
  • Screens and Tests

Medical Management

  • Chronic condition care
  • Care coordination & case management
  • Health advocacy
  • After-hours care

Behavioral Health

  • Treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and substance abuse
  • Collaboration with health center providers
  • Assessments and referrals

Care Coordination

  • Referral management
  • Post-Discharge follow-up
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Educational resources

Integrated Wellness

  • Program Management
  • Biometric screenings
  • 1:1 health coaching
  • Group wellness programming

Virtual Care

  • After-hours triage line
  • Video-based telemedicine

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